Geophysics Lab participation in the 2023 IMAGE meeting

Three PhD students presented a total of five abstracts at the 2023 IMAGE (International Meeting for Applied Geoscience & Energy) conference in Houston, Texas.

Full abstracts are located here:

Abstract list: (Student: [*]; Postdoc: [**]; Presenter: [©])
1. Shehata**, A., Ahmed©, M., Kassem, A., 2023, Predicting horizontal permeability in siliciclastic-dominated reservoirs using an automated machine learning approach.
2. Omar*©, A., Ahmed, M., Murgulet, D., 2023, An innovative approach for mapping growth fault systems by using thermal remote sensing data: A case study from Corpus Christi Bay, Texas.
3. Mousa*©, M., Ahmed, M., 2023, Passive Seismic and Gravity Surveys for Mapping Bedrock and Growth Faults in Texas.
4. Abdelrehim*, R., Ahmed©, M., 2023, Subsurface controls on Padre Island dune morphology: Constraints from time domain and frequency domain electromagnetic techniques.
5. Ahmed©, M., Elshalkany*, M., Sauck, W., Abouelmagd, A., Mansour, S., El-Nekhiely, I., Abdelfattah, M., 2023, Integration of Geophysical Techniques for Groundwater Exploration in Basement Terrains: A Case Study from Southern Sinai, Egypt.